Frosted Creek Farm

2011 Foals  Check out Stallion pages for recent pictures.

Lil Miss Cherokee's Blue Twylight

Foaled an awesome  Black pinto Colt with one blue eye on 06/18/2011

Better pics to come..

 This boy is going to do big.. Wow what a handsome boy he is. His presence, his legs, and what a conformation.. It won't hurt me a bit not to sell either of these boys.. Levi should mature around 35". We shall see.. AMHR registered and available for PtHA.




x Mr. Spanish Oak


 Frosted Creek Prince Levi.. What an awesome Colt!!


Birchwoods Godiva Gold= SOLD!!!


Foaled a Buckskin Pinto Colt


Frosted Creek Prince Eli. He is perfect and tiny!!

This little man is going to be a knockout!! What a way he presents himself. Awesome trot and conformation on him.. Should mature around 30"  AMHR registered PtHA available.





x Mr. Spanish Oak

 Snickers is a great momma!!!