Frosted Creek Farm


 We offer daily turnout according to each individual horses needs. We offer great quality hay and only quality feeds. Each horse is stalled and handled daily. Pine sawdust for bedding, electric heated buckets in the winter and blanketed. During the summer horses are out during the cooler time of day and fans on in stalls during the hottest time of day. All horses get body clipped before the temps get high and fly masks and or fly sprayed daily when going out.. We have several pastures for individual turn out or lager ones for several. All horses are wormed and vaccinated on regular required schedules and hoof triming is done every 4 to 6 weeks.. Bred mares get their vaccines 4 to 6 weeks before foaling and Ivermectin paste 12 hours after. Foals  receive safeguard at a month old and every 4 to 6 weeks after. Any questions or references please don't hesitate to call.. All horses are under cams and get fresh bedding daily, clean water buckets daily.


We only select the best crosses to improve the quality of the miniature horse. We will not over breed just to breed and sell. I feel that the best stallions do not need to over populate the industry and selecting the best mares to breed with. Checking pedigree going back a few generations will also help show the quality of that cross, not only pedigree itself but , height, show history and even the breeder and owner can say a lot. I have been doing a lot of research on many and know what a true miniature horse needs to be and not flood the auction market to just earn a buck.

I offer my Vet and Farrier references upon request also!

We offer some stallions for outside breeding. Mares must have clean culture, vaccines at least a month before arriving. I will have mare ultra sounded if needed to determine where she is at if not visiable. I also cover every other day and will have mare checked in foal 18 days after last cover by vet with ultra sound. Daily mare care fees and handling fees for vet and any vet fees are also mare owner. I like to get things done within a month time. If mare does not take then other options will be available. Like to determine why.

I prefer to get the job done or make sure we know why.

For more information and contracts call 607-647-5803

Our Vet services are  Finger Lakes Equine, Leatherstocking Equine

Our Farrier is Rick Warner or anyone of your choice.